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Can Help with Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Agents

A home inspection doesn’t have to be a negative experience for realtors. As an agent, you want your client to get the best price for a home whether you’re the listing agent or the buyer’s agent. At Gold Star Home Inspections we promote the home, not just give you the negative aspects.

We help educate your client about the home. Have you ever had an inspector tell your clients that a home has certain upgrades that enhance the home’s efficiency? Things like a radiant barrier in the attic space that deflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays away from the home helping to keep the attic space cooler. Explaining how GFCI’s and AFCI’s operate to protect the home from fire. The more your client knows about the home the better they feel about the purchase. We always tell the client that if they have any questions to please give us a call, even after they purchase the home!

Sellers who have their homes inspected prior to purchase have an advantage also. Knowing what repairs could be made helps from delaying the sale of the home. We also offer to come back to ensure any repairs that were completed due to the inspection are accomplished correctly.

No repairs have to be made to a home before it sells because everything is negotiable. But we leave that to you, because who better knows the art of selling/buying a home than you?

As an incentive to earn your business Gold Star Home Inspections offers a 10% discount the first time you use our services.


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